How to Use Google to Find Rousabout Jobs

When it comes to locating roustabout jobs, many people are lost. They have no idea where to begin. What I will demonstrate is a simple process that took me a matter of minutes to locate a possible roustabout opportunity.

Many people turned to Google to start their job search. However, they go about it in the wrong way. So I will demonstrate a simple technique that will get you headed in the right direction.

The companies that hire workers for oil jobs…that is if you are a newbie…are the drillers. So this is where your job search begins.

Your key is in locating drilling companies. Where ever there are drillers…there are all kinds of job opportunities. Drilling companies need permission to tap a hole into the earth.

Why Drilling Permits Are Important to Roustabout Jobs

Nebraska Roustabout Jobs

Nebraska Roustabout Jobs

So there are government regulatory groups they have to work through to get the rights to drill. The key here is to understand they need this oil drilling permit.

Your search begins by locating companies that have received new drilling permits. And this is something that is changing nearly on a weekly bases. So every week you will get a fresh crop of opportunities. You just have to take the time to go shake the tree to see where the permits are.

How to Locate Drilling Permits for Roustabout Jobs

This is where Google comes in hand. Pull up Google and then click on the news tab. Once you are on the right Google search page…type in something like, “oil drilling permits” or if you want a specific area you might type “Texas oil drilling permits”.

This will pull up a whole series of articles. Some we will be useful…some will be a waste. You can usually scan through a list of 10 to 20 in a few minutes. You’ll quickly discover what articles are useful and what are not.

It is important to be organized for your job search. I find it is easiest to open up a Word or Text document. Jot down the essential information for deeper research. You will usually find the name of companies doing the drilling, the number of permits, and the locations of drilling operations.

Results of a Roustabout Job Search

This morning I did a quick search. I will show you an example of my results. I typed into Google “oil drilling permits”. And I clicked on the first three entries. The first two were a waste. There wasn’t any relevant information.

However, the third entry was a bit more promising. The article title and description indicated that 24 new oil drilling permits had been issued in Nebraska. And that this was up by 15 permits from the month before.

You can click here to read the whole article.

So I determined this deserved further investigation. So I clicked on the entry. I struck oil…well not literally…but I did find some promising information.

I learned that Earthstone Energy Inc. was doing the drilling. Now that is key information. And I will show you shortly how that will make a difference in your job search.

The article also provided a location of drilling operations. It indicated that Earthstone would be drilling northeast of Sidney in Cheyenne Count. Now I don’t know anything about this area. This is the first I’ve ever heard of the place. And I’m sure there are some nice people that hang out in that community.

However, the cool thing is now I have a map location. That doesn’t get any better than x marks the spot on the treasure map. How much easier can it get than that.

Now there was a whole lot more information in that article. It might be good for educational purposes. But I got two very helpful bits of information. I got the name of a company and the location of their drilling operation.

How to Use Research Information to Find Roustabout Jobs

This is where Google is very useful again. Type the name of company in the search bar. And you will be amazed at all the information that will pop up. Most companies these days have some type of web presence.

So you guessed it…you’ll discover some very helpful information. They will provide web address, company physical address, phone number, and sometimes names of company officials.

Now you just take the next step. Click on the web address and go a bit deeper in your research. In this case there was a great deal of information. They had maps that indicated areas of current drilling operations. They had names of various managers in the company. A great deal could be learned from just a few minutes on this website.

The Process of Finding Roustabout Jobs

Most people don’t understand the real challenges of finding an oil rig job. It takes a great deal of effort.

Here is some simple guidelines to help get you started.

  1. Set aside one hour a week to do research.
  2. Search for oil drilling permits.
  3. Scan over 3 to 4 pages of Google results
  4. Go to the articles that look promising.
  5. Find the company name and location of drilling operations with any important personnel names.
  6. Do a google search on each company name.
  7. Go to the websites and scan for important information.
  8. Organize this information for future use.

This should do it for now. I wish you well in your job search efforts.

Oil Drilling Jobs In Baltic Ohio

Ohio Could Be The Next Biggest Thing For Oil Drilling Jobs

I’ve been researching this whole subject of oil drilling jobs for a few years now. And what many people don’t realize is that Ohio could be the next Mecca for oil jobs. Many people are heading out West for oil jobs in the Dakotas, but Ohio is the home to real future opportunity.

A recent Associated Press article by Julie Carr Smyth indicates there are things happening among the Amish community. Baltic Ohio is mostly known for horse drawn buggies of a non-conventional community of Amish. It seems that the land of the Amish has earthly riches. This is a community that has put off the material things of this world.

But with the oil boom there is more money than these people might know what to do with. For those not well versed in the subject. Oil companies buy speculative rights to drill on land. If they strike black gold, then the land owner receives a royalty check. And those checks can make people millionaires over night…and the envy of neighbors.

Oil Drilling Jobs

Oil Drilling Jobs

The focus of the spiritual leaders of these communities are concerned about the corruption that might come to this community. They have sworn off the material. But oil is everything about making people rich so they have the material. There are entire businesses growing up around the management of these royalties. Communities set up conventions and bring in experts in the area of negotiating and getting the best value for sell speculative rights. You can be certain the oil companies are paying attention to the fine print. But the Amish, well this is a new animal.

Click here if you want to get the whole scoop.


Oil Drilling to Commence at Kreyenhagen Field Heavy Oil Project

Solimar Energy (ASX:SGY, TSXV:SXS) (“The Company” or “Solimar”) is pleased to announce that drilling operations are to commence this week at the Company’s Kreyenhagen Heavy Oil Project Area in the San Joaquin Basin, California. The Company is commencing drilling operations for three wells in the Kreyenhagen Heavy

Oil Project Area under the Phase I program. The wells, the first of which is expected to spud on July 11, will gather data (logs, core and reservoir fluids) to optimize the design of a pilot steam test in the heavy oil Temblor sands. The planned three wells will be completed for future use for either oil production or steam injection.

The pilot steam test is anticipated to begin following the three well program and positive data modelling, and is expected to be followed by a full field development.  The key permit for the steam enhanced pilot project at the Kreyenhagen Field was previously submitted and is approved.

Get more details here.


US Oil Drilling Rig Count Increased To 1,759

The US oil drilling rig count made a 2-unit gain during the week ended July 12 to reach a total of 1,759 rotary rigs working, Baker Hughes Inc. reported.

Land-based rigs saw a 4-unit jump this week to reach 1,680. The offshore rig count fell 2 units to reach 57 rigs working. Rigs drilling in inland waters remained unchanged this week at 22. Of the rigs drilling offshore, 55 were in the Gulf of Mexico, a decrease of 2 units from a week ago.

Rigs drilling for oil lost 4 units to reach 1,391, while those targeting gas gained 7 units to reach 362 rigs working. Six rigs were considered unclassified, a decline of 1 rig from a week ago.

Rigs drilling horizontally were reported at 1,058, down 10 units from a week ago, and 108 fewer than the comparable week last year. Rigs drilling directionally rose 14 units this week to reach 269. This compared with 232 rigs working horizontally in the comparable week a year ago.

Canada’s rig count gained 80 units this week to reach 294. This count includes 201 rigs drilling for oil (up 49 units from a week ago) and 93 units drilling for gas (up 31 units from last week). Canada’s rig count total was down 2 units from the comparable week last year.

Learn more here.


The News About Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Are you looking for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs?

If you are looking for offshore oil rig jobs, then you’ll want to check out these articles. The jobs and opportunities are out there. You just have to go look for them.

North Atlantic Drilling: An Undervalued Offshore Driller

North Atlantic Drilling Limited (NATDF.PK) is a Bermudan offshore drilling contractor specializing in drilling offshore oil and gas wells in harsh environments such as the Norwegian Arctic regions. The company was formed via a 2011 equity carve-out of six of Seadrill Limited’s (SDRL) rigs. Seadrill remains the largest stockholder of North Atlantic Drilling with an ownership stake consisting of 73% of the shares outstanding.

You can get the full scoop by clicking here.

Robotic Drills and Offshore Oil Rig Jobs


offshore oil rig jobs drilling robot

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs – Drilling Robot

A new oil well design, built and operated with  robots from  Seabed Rig and controlled with robotic software from Energrid Technologies, will  be on display in August as an adjunct to the ONS exhibit in Norway. The new  robotic well is expected to do away with oil well dangers from a human and an  environmental perspective. However, oil workers might wonder if the new  technology will eliminate their jobs, and oil technology skeptics might wonder  if such technology can live up to a claim of “environmentally safe”.

Regardless, the prototype for the underwater well is  in place at Forus Teknologipark in Norway. From now until June, Seabed and  Energrid will work on perfecting the operation of the rig. In August, at the ONS  exhibit in Stavanger, Norway, potential customers and partners will be invited  to visit the rig.

Because of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, there are  plenty of reasons to be more skeptical than every about sophisticated technology  when it comes to environmental protection. And that skepticism can run even  deeper when one realizes that these wells are targeted for locations further  underneath the ocean and in under the arctic ice.

However, the technology does have its credentials.  According to Neil Tardella, COO of Energrid, “The software was originally  developed for NASA and the National Science Foundation for controlling complex  robotic systems.” Additionally, the robotic hand that is used, which has the  ability to lift 3,000 kilograms, has been developed in part with Stanford  University work related to the development of underacutated hand technology.

Do read more about how robots may affect the future of oil drilling Click Here.


The NASDAQ Connection to Offshore Oil Rig Jobs

Many people think finding oil rig jobs is like picking apples off a tree. But in truth it is more like trying to find a vein of gold. The riches are hidden the search.

So if you really want that oil rig job…you might take a look at some investment papers. The particular report I’m featuring here will tell you about rig counts both on and offshore. It is the rigs where the work is to be find.

It’s sort of like an old saying a friend used to say. Where there is smoke there is fire. Similarly, where there are rigs…there are jobs. So if you can locate…or anticipate where the rigs are going to be then you are more likely to find that job.

Take a look at this report and see what you can learn.

Rig Count Highest for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs Since 2009

In its weekly release, Houston-based oilfield services company   Baker  Hughes Inc.  (   BHI  )  reported a rise in the U.S. rig count (number of rigs searching  for oil and gas  in the country). This upside can be attributed to  an increase in the tally of  both oil and natural gas-directed  rigs. In particular, rigs working in the U.S.  Gulf of Mexico  (GoM) jumped to its highest level in 4 years.

The  Baker Hughes’ data, issued since 1944, acts as an important  yardstick for  energy service providers in gauging the overall  business environment of the oil  and gas industry.

Analysis of the Data  

Weekly Summary:  Rigs engaged in exploration and  production in the U.S. totaled  1,757 for the week ended Jul 3, 2013 – a period  curtailed by the  Independence Day. This was up by 9 from the previous week’s  rig  count and indicates the first increase in 3 weeks.

The current  nationwide rig count is more than double the lowest  level reached in recent  years (876 in the week ended Jun 12,  2009), though it is way below the  prior-year level of 1,965. It  rose to a 22-year high in 2008, peaking at 2,031  in the weeks  ending Aug 29 and Sep 12.

Rigs engaged in land  operations ascended by 6 to 1,676, offshore  drilling was up by 3 to 59 rigs,  while inland waters activity  remained steady at 22 units.

Natural Gas Rig Count:  The natural gas rig count -  which recently slumped to its lowest  point since Jun 1995 – increased for the  second successive week  to 355 (a gain of 2 rigs from the previous week).  Despite the  weekly improvement, the number of gas-directed rigs is down by  56%  from its 2012 peak of 811.

You can read more by clicking here.