Best Opportunites For Oil Rig Jobs With No Experience


Since you found this site, I’m working with the assumption you are looking for oil rig jobs requiring no experience.  In this article I want to look at the best approach for getting your foot in the door for entry level oil rig jobs.

I work every day trying to help people solve a problem.  What that means to you…is that I have spent a considerable amount of time researching this topic.  For one…I enjoy doing that kind of work, and for another…it’s easy for me.  So let me share with you some of my discoveries.

oil rig jobsI want to be realistic with you.  It is somewhat misleading to say you need no experience.  Every job you ever look for will require some level of experience.  Employers don’t just higher people because they need a job.  And that is no different for oil rig employment.

Saying that, there are ways of getting started in this industry.  I’ll call these trainee oil rig jobs.  They are the places people start to build into a long term career.

What are your current skills?

Some of you may be looking for offshore oil rig jobs.  If you have worked in food prep, electrical, mechanical repair, painting, scaffolding, mariner positions, or welding…then you will already have experience that will qualify you for better oil rig paying jobs.  And that is especially true if you are looking for an offshore position.

However, if you desire to be part of the well paid deck or drilling crew, then you more than likely will have to start on a land based oil rig job to begin with.  And there are plenty of opportunities in this area. 

Entry Level Positions

The two common positions are known as Roustabouts and Roughnecks.  The Roustabout is an assistant to the Roughnecks.  Roustabouts are responsible for material handling with cranes, keeping the deck tidy, and generally giving a hand where needed.  These positions would be considered the trainee oil rig jobs.

A good rig worker could easily grow into a Roughneck position.  The Roughnecks are responsible for the drilling.  They are the head of the spear so to speak.  Their role is why an oil rig is there in the first place. 

The Roughneck is an extremely demanding job, and usually requires a strong back.  But it is also a well paid position.  The lead worker can command as much as $80,000+.  But certainly this person has a great deal of experience.

Once a person has landed an offshore oil rig job as a Roustabout, it is not unheard of to grow into the Roughneck crew within a year or so.  That is provided a person is a dependable and good worker.  If an individual gains experience on land as a Roustabout, then it is very likely they could get a position offshore as a Roughneck.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are a couple of exceptions to this.  If you know someone, you have a door in.  About thirty years ago I worked in a shipyard in France as a welder.  I was very fortunate at the age of 19 to get such a job.  A number of the welders and foreman had oil rig experience.  I could have gone that route if I’d have chosen.

The other doorway is working overseas.  See, as a 19 year old, I was willing to do what others weren’t.  It was a tuff proposition for family men.  In that situation, I was gone for six months.  And because it was overseas, though I was working for a Texas based company, all the money I earned was tax free. 

When the job was complete, I had a pile of money in the bank because they paid for all my food, living quarters, plus an expense account of $250 a week…thirty years ago…on top of my pay.  So if you are willing to take jobs others will not…then it is possible you could work on an offshore oil rig overseas.

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  1. Syed Muddassir says:

    Dear Mark,
    I am a mechanical engineer,from India, with a past experience of 4 yrs in automobile industry.I want to leave this & make my career in oil & gas,particularly in the oil rigs. Can u guide me what do to, where to start from? I want to start afresh.
    Syed Muddassir

    • Mark says:


      Thank you for your comment. With your background as a mechanical engineer, I would guess you are looking for more of a white colar position, vs. a non-skilled position. I would encourage you to begin a Google search of (oil companies). Use that as your keyword. Google will begin to pull up a variety of companies. You might do a keyword search on (top 10 or top 25 oil companies). I did a quick search and came across this. Here is the link. You may have to paste that in your URL address. Any way, this was a quick search and produced 25 companies. Keep doing this type of search. Accumulate your list of prospects. Go to the company websites. Usually, they have a place you can contact or submit online resumes. This is the best I can do at this time. The other possibility would be to search under: (oil and gas recruiters). Get creative in your searches. If you are looking for more of a drilling type job, then do your searches on (offshore oil drilling companies)

      I wish you the best,


  2. jonathan says:

    I am 20 years old and look to take part in an oil rig offshore career oppotunity somewhere near the coast of africa i have many skills to help me in this quest
    Hope to hear only good news from you thanks

    • Mark says:


      Are you aware of oil drilling companies working off the coast of Africa. Start your search by looking for (offshore drilling or oil drilling companies in Africa.) Do a Google search on these terms.


  3. sharvin naik says:

    hi i m sharvin naik,
    Age 22yrs,m working as a junior engg in Quality Assurance & Quality Control Department at Western India Shipyard LTD.Mormugao Harbour,Goa.My Technical Qualification is Diploma in Fabrication & Erection Engineering.I am interested in doning job on offshore rig,so any job please mail me to my email address.
    Thank you.

    • Mark says:


      Sorry, I’m not an employer. I will continue to provide articles to help you and others in their offshore oil rig job search.


  4. mohammed says:

    dear sir ,
    I am mechanical engineer and i have 3 years gulf experience in oil&gas onshore . and i complete IWCF AND IADC course , now am looking rigoffshore jobs .
    itz possible to get a job on rig without experience .

    • Mark says:


      Yes there are people that are hired in without experience. My suggestion would be to begin contacting oil drilling companies. Do a Google search for “offshore drilling contractors” in your country or others.

      Best regards,


  5. Dan says:

    Hello Mark.
    I live in the Uk and have finished my Offshore cert, and M.I.S.T.
    I am looking at a career change as im a cnc operator and have wanted to work offshore for a while.
    I have no trade behind as of such just, shop fitting, cnc machining, printing and bench fitting.
    I hit uk companies daily but no such lucky.
    I am begining to think i wasted £1700 for nothing

    • Mark says:


      Do you know where the offshore rigs are working in your neighboring country. You say you have been in contact. What I am learning from others is two things. If they know someone, there is a greater likelyhood of landing an offshore oil rig job. The next best things is to go to where the action is taking place. Rig workers have to fly out of somewhere to get to the offshore rigs. If you can locate that place, we can make a visit and see what you can learn. The other important thing is to be contacting the drilling companies. They are the ones who do the hireing, not the oil companies.

      I found a link that may be of help. This website lists a variety of drilling companies that do work around the world. I can’t vouch for their contact info.

      Best of luck, Mark

  6. frederick says:

    i have done all my training in bombay from guru ship.and sitting ideal from 2 years .plz if there is any vacancy in ROUSTABOUT PLZ LET ME KNOW .I HAVE TO IMPROVE MY HOUSE FINANCIAL PROBLEM.PLZ PLZ.I HOPE U MAY TAKE SOME ACTION

    • Mark says:


      I’m sorry that I do not have jobs to offer. This is primarily an informational resource. I’ll be making more posts as I find relevant information.

      Thanks, Mark

  7. Well my co-worker from bakersfield told me to write down i was real like oil field pulling pipes out of the ground so i’m try it out.i just got here from bakersfield so if have a anying opening try to give me a ring. my e-
    the job was the kind of job i was looking for . thank you and have a great day.

    • Mark says:


      Your comment was a bit unclear. I think you are looking for a position, but it sounds like you found something to start. I’m not an employment agency, however there are more opportunities in North Dakota. I’m starting another Blog on a real hot spot if you are interested.

      Wish you well in your oil rig work, Mark

  8. ryan sattaur says:

    Hello my name is Ryan I’m 17 years I currently work with a company as a welder,and I was hoping if you guy can help me get a job on a off shore oil rig if so I would be very great full

    Atv mechanic
    Welder(making cutter head teeth)
    Excavator operator

    Tel phone number
    592 678 8549

  9. nicholas says:

    i just got out the navy and i am trying to find a good job and i was hoping this would be a good one i have some painting exp. and some light mech. also form the navy

    • Mark says:


      Read some of my articles on North Dakota. There are great opportunities there now. If you are looking for Offshore work, go to this website: They are a decomissioned Gulf offshore oil rig. However, they still function as a museum, training center, and knowledge resource for the offshore industry.

      Best regards, Mark

  10. moussa sore says:

    hello,I am a vegas resident,I am thinking changing the path.I am interested working in the oil rig.I have no experience,willing to take any entry level position

    • Mark says:


      Thanks for checking this out. Look into work in North Dakota. This is a hot bed of activity. This wouldn’t be a bad road trip for you to check things out. Read my articles on North Dakota. Also you might want to check out another blog I am starting on North Dakota.

      Wish you well in your job search, Mark

  11. Steve says:

    Hi Mark,

    I have a Bcomm degree and am currently studying towards an LLB… However, the regular 8-5 is not for me and I am interested in working on an oil rig. Would these qualifications and skills come in handy? What other courses could I complete to better my chances at finding work on an overseas rig?


    • Mark says:


      Thanks for your question. It sounds like you might be more of an outdoors worker. The one thing I do know about these positions, is they require long hours. You said your not a nine to five. But from what I can gather from other workers, 12 hour days are normal. Not exactly certain what you are looking for. No doubt there are many opportunities with a communications degree. North Dakota is a hot spot, but living arrangements are a challenge. Many are living out of trucks and campers wherever they can find a place to lay their head. May not be the situation your looking for. However, one interview I watched…a man in his fifties gave testimony to being out of work and now pulling in $100,000 this year. That is in Williston, ND. One fellow posted a comment on this site and indicate you would have no trouble getting a job in ND in two days. However, there is no place to live. So you better bring a camper. If you are interested, check out a new site of mine that will focus on ND.

      Best of luck in your search, Mark

  12. James DeShano says:

    Hi my name is James and I have been interested in Oil Rigging for a while now but I live in North Carolina and I’m not sure how to apply.I have no experience but I am a fast learner and very dependable.

  13. Abdul Salam says:


    I have 4 year experience in labfurniture industry.
    But i am a diploma in mechanical engineering holder.
    How can i change my future in to oil fields.


    • Mark says:


      I have primarily focused my research on people looking for entry-level oil rig positions. These positions are geared for people without any education or specific experience. It is more on the job training. With a mechanical diploma I would encourage you to contact the major oil companies.

      Wish you well, Mark

  14. Etienne Arendse says:

    Good day
    My name is Etienne,i am rally interested to work on a oil rig i did previously work off shore,i got all my certificates that is required please feel free to contact me on my email address.

    Thank you

    • Mark says:


      Thank you for your interest. I am sorry, but I am not an employment agency. There are other sites on the web offering resume submission services as well as contact with employers. Hope this helps.


  15. Mervin says:

    I intend to register with an employment agency as i know this is a good way to get into the Oil Rig industry (LAND BASED)but i don’t have any real experience although willing to learn, I have done painting,general machanical work.

    South Africa

    • Mark says:


      I would encourage you to talk with someone at the employment agency. It is ok to put your name on a job board. But statistics indicate that only about 10% of people get positions this way. You are much better to go through someone you know, or have a person to person conversation. Sorry, I am not an employment agency. I’m just trying to provide helpful information.

      Best regards, Mark

  16. James says:

    As a zimbabwean, what would it require for me to get a job as a roustabout on an offshore rig. I have basic experience in welding, mechanics electrics etc. What is an average salary for a roustabout. I’m looking for physical work with a decent salary and oil rigs seem to be the answer. Thanks for your time. Regards

    • Mark says:


      Your welding and electrical experience are great assets for this type of work. Online job posting sites are not the most promissing way to find a job. Statistics reveal that only 7% of people get a job this way. Your best bet is to begin with anyone that you know who may have a connection to the oil industry. Networking is your key. As I’ve been telling others, do a Google search for drilling contractors in your area. These people do the hiring.

  17. JESSE SILVERS SR says:


    • Mark says:


      Your experience in the refinery is great. Read my article about Williston North Dakota. This is a real hot spot right now. Before making a trip to Williston, I’d suggest trying to locate the local chamber of commerce…or some area business. Give them a call and see what type of info you might learn. There might be an area newspaper you could get a short term subscription to…in order to get the bigger scoop in the area.

      Wish you well in your oil rig job search, Mark

    • Curt Knowles says:

      I currently work in the bakken fields in North Dakota. It is very easy to find a job in the oilfield here however there is no place to stay. My advice for you is if you are serious about this buy a camper and come here. I’m sure you will be hired in less then 2 days.

      • Mark says:


        Thanks for your comment. Very helpful information. I don’t live in the area…so I rely upon reading Internet news services and other information. I gathered that living arrangements are tough. I’m thinking about making a trip this summer just to be able to write more informative information on the subject. I have a bunch of people writing to me on wanting a job. So I will be referring people to your post comment as helpful advice coming from a person in the field.

        Thanks so much, Mark

        • akash thakare says:

          i like to do job on oil rig and i have all thise certificad it need for oil rig so please replay me

          • Mark says:


            I am not an employer. However my articles are intended to help you in your job search process. I will post an article here soon on how to do a job search from your country.

            Hope this helps, Mark

  18. Harry says:

    I live in South Africa and worked as a health and safety officer at a leading retail store. i also installed alarms and a conditioners in major malls. I am a qualified ambulance assisstant and would like a new challenge by working on the oil rigs as soon as possible.

    • Mark says:


      Sounds like you have had a great deal of experience. I encourage you to click on the Job Opportunities tab on this web site. A list of posts will come up about current opportunities in the US. I’m sorry I don’t have more info about other parts of the world. I’ll begin doing better research on this.

      I wish you well in your job search, Mark

  19. sue nel says:

    My son is in matric this year.he is I
    nterested to apply for this job how does he go about it.we are from south africa

    • Mark says:

      Sue Nel,

      Sorry, I’m not a recruiting agency. My primary objective is to provide helpful information that can assist others in locating oil rig job opportunities. I would encourage you to read other posts on this web site for some helpful suggestions.

      Best of luck, Mark

  20. Egidijus Petraitis says:

    I am looking for job in oil industry,have excellent mechanical job skills.ready for any further training.
    Lithuanian,currently residing in Ireland.

    • Mark says:


      Thanks for stopping by. I am not an employment agency. However, I try to provide helpful information to assists others in locating oil rig jobs. Read through the Job Opportunities category. This should offer some helpful suggestions.

      Wish you well, Mark

  21. Seth Lavoie says:

    I would like to get into an entry level position on an oil rigging crew.

    • Mark says:


      I suggest reading my article, Where to Find Offshre Jobs in Loisiana. There are many helpful tips. Also research Oil Rig Drilling Contractors. These are the people that do all the highering on the rigs. Many peole want positions on Offshore Oil Drilling Rigs. But sometimes, there may be opportunities on land to start your career. Also check out the Job Opportunities tab on the top navigational bar. Best of luck.

  22. michael clarity says:

    i am a painter by trade and have done waterproofing i have a strong back and not afraid of heights or tight spaces.i get along with others well.i go to work to do the job asigned to me and to do it to the best of my ability weather its cleaning a floor or running a crew. thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Mark says:

      Michael Clarity,

      Thanks for checking out my site. I encourage you to read through some of my articles to gain some helpful suggestions on locating Oil Rig Job opportunities.

  23. manish m. salvi says:

    i am graduate

  24. Kobus Barnard says:

    Good Day,
    I had my own company for about a year installing Satelite Dishes and is currently studying for an Electrical Engineer. If you have any Roustabout positions I would like to apply for it .Please let me know.

  25. Mark says:

    Marcio, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll give that some thought.

    Best Regards!

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