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Oil Derrick Worker

Did you know oil rig jobs are booming in North Dakota.? Business is so good in that state that there is a billion dollar surplus in the state budget.

The oil boom is due to the new fracking technology. If you’re not aware, the process involves injecting fluid deep into rock below the land surface to force oil out.

Traditionally Alaska and Texas have been the heavy hitters when it comes to oil production in the United States. But now there is a big opportunity for oil rig jobs in the West.

Some city folks aren’t happy about the overnight crowding conditions. New Town , N.D., had a stable population of 1,500 but in the recent months it has swelled overnight. The 18 wheelers just keep rolling into town.

With all that fracking business there has been an increase in all kinds of industry. It is suggested that the area county has doubled from 20,000 to 40,000 population. This means an increase in the need of all kinds of human resources.

The oil territory is known as the Bakken oil field. It is one of the largest movements of this kind in American history. It’s like Gold Rush days. The oil field is roughly the size of West Virginia… a third of North Dakota.

If you are looking for oil rig jobs, there are 201 drilling rigs throughout the state. That’s more rigs than anyplace else, except Texas, in the United States. There is an anticipation of that number jumping to 225.

All those oil rigs means jobs. The director of North Dakota’s Department of Mineral Resources estimates that each rig represents 120 employee jobs. With a quick calculation there is a 27,000 projected new jobs in the state of North Dakota.

That doesn’t include all the pipe that has to be run to the new wells. And then there will be the need for natural gas processing plants to be built.

This is a long haul project. This is a twenty year or more opportunity. And if you get in on the ground floor it could provide long term benefits to the right worker. Projected plans are to drill in every square mile of the Bakken oil field.

Oil companies are rushing into North Dakota like hungry wolves salivating over the final sinews of a mostly eaten wild animal. Land leases were going about $100 an acre back in 2006. But they are about to expire. And now those same leases are worth $1,000 to $2,000 an acre. There are many landowners getting rich.

Oil companies want to claim their piece of the pie. And so growth is going at an astronomical rate. And it doesn’t appear that it will be slowing down any time soon.

If you are look for oil rig jobs, then Bakken oil field in North Dakota is the place you want to be.

Check out NPR staff writer John McChesney for further details at

23 Responses to “North Dakota Booming With Oil Rig Jobs”

  1. Otis McKay says:

    One of my good friends Wade Pate works up in North Dakota and has been begging me to come up and work with him i really wish to start working for money that can get the bills paid and gives me a challenge if you could please help me get a hold of anybody that can help me find them that would be amazing he told me that Basic and Neighbors are looking for people

    • Mark says:


      I don’t live in North Dakota, so I can’t give you a ground view of what is happening. Currently my information is from my own Internet research. However, I have found some helpful resources. One is a monthly magazine that will be published by the Williston Herald. This will provide regular updates on what is happening in that location. You can subscribe for $25 a year. It may be a helpful resource. Just click on the URL. ( ) You should see an add on the front page, Talkin The Bakken. Just click on that to subscribe. I did find a post in a forum on various drilling companies in North Dakota that are hiring. I’ll have to dig that up. Hope this helps some. I’m starting another blog that will target, Williston North Dakota specifically. Here is that address if your are interested.

  2. Jeff Hutchinson says:

    Retired military actively looking and willing to relocate. I have a degree in Human Resource Management and 10 years’ experience in recruiting. If nothing is available in recruiting I am willing to work as a radioman, roughneck, or roustabout(sp). I would like more information about the housing market, schools, and community. Thank you.

    • Mark says:


      First, I want to say thank you for personal sacrifice in serving this country through the military. My father was airforce, I never served myself. Wish I had. But because of you and men and women like you, we get to enjoy the many freedoms we too often take for granted. So again, thank you for your service to us all.

      As I have said else where in my blog, I am not a recruiting agent…nor work for companies that do. My intention is to direct people towards resources that may help in locating a job. I’ve seen a flood of interest in the past few months, and I truly can’t keep up in responding to people.

      However, since you are retired…my suggestion would be to take a road trip. I’m actually considering this myself this summer. I’m not looking for a job, however…this would give me a better idea of what is actually happening throughout the Bakken Oil Field in North Dakota. If you do a search on Bakken Oil Field Drilling Companies or derivitives of that, you should find some helpful information. The drilling companies are the ones who do the actually hiring. From what I have read, people are being hired right off the street for positions in Williston North Dakota. It sounds like you are office personnel, but willing to do other things. Perhaps a road trip would give you the lay of the land, and take it from there.

      Wish you well Jeff,…Mark

  3. Robert Chamberland says:

    Hi there, i am currently seeking any work available. i never mind starting at the bottom of the chain and work my way up. im 23 and in shape. Looking for any position at this point and time. Live in canada but wouldnt mind a change at all. Thanks for youre time and i hope to hear back

    • Mark says:


      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I took a job overseas in Dunkirk, France at 18 as a welder on LNG Tankers. Best experience of my life getting away from home and seeing the world. Sounds like you have a similar mind.

      One of the hottest areas for work right now is in North Dakota. And in the coming years this area as well as many others in the US are going to become hot beds for job opportunity. This is primarily due to the new Fracking technology which allows oil companies to extract that black gold from impossible underground places before.

      I don’t know about the requirements for getting a job when crossing from Canada into the US. You should first do some search on that subject before making the trip. However, you might check out this newspaper, wish will provide inside information on the specifics of Williston, ND. As I said to Otis McKay, you could subscribe to their monthly magazine, Talkin The Bakken. This will provide regular updates on what is happening throughout the region.

      Hope this helps, Mark

  4. michael burgin says:

    i am really in need of a job .have a family/i have no problem in relocating to another country.stvincent and the grenadines is where i am living.i can work on my visa as long as the job is available.please email me back at anytime-a roughneck or rustabout job.can u help me asap.i will be waiting/and what is the salary more thing i want the job this year if possible.yours yruly michael.

    • Mark says:


      I’m sorry I can’t help with a specific job. Relocating from another country has to be a real challenge. Let me make this suggestion. Do Google searches on drilling companies. Type in the state in the search bar. Example: drilling companies North Dakota, drilling companies Texas, drilling companies Louisiana, drilling companies bakken oil field. This will provide a list of operators that you could then personally contact. This is where I would begin. I’m sorry I can not help beyond that.

      Wish you the best, Mark

  5. Paul Neu says:

    Hey my name is Paul Neu and I am currently looking for work and have no problem relocating to ND I would be interested in more information…

    Thank you

    Paul Neu

    • Mark says:


      Thanks for your response. I will be doing further research and share more specific findings on North Dakota work.

  6. Joe Bruntz says:

    Hello, I am looking for any position available. I love to start at the bottom and work my way up. I am in great shape and great health. Please let me know if there is something I can do. Give me a reason to experience something new.

    • Mark says:


      I’m not certain if you are a US citizen. I encourage you to read my post on Williston North Dakota. There is a great deal of opportunity there.

      Wish you well, Mark

  7. Robert says:

    Looking to land a job in oil field

    • Mark says:


      Thanks for your interest. I encourage you to come back an read other posts for job search suggestions.


  8. Austin Bodily says:

    I’m currently searching for an entry level position on a oil rig with the potential of becoming a roughneck. 18 with heavy lifting experience at a couple of previous jobs and I’m willing to relocate anywhere in the world for a annual of 50,000 o.b.o.

    Please contact me if hiring via email @

    Thank you,Austin

    • Mark says:


      If you are a US citizen…I’d encourage you to check out Williston, ND. Read my two articles on the subject…listed in the Job Opportunities tab.

      There’s a great job out there for you Austin, Mark

  9. Luis miller says:

    Hello! I’m looking for work, so if you have any open positions please contact me! Thank you.

  10. Shaun Sharpe says:

    I am looking for work as a roughneck, any information you can give me to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Shansan says:

    Interested in an oil rig job

    • brad says:

      Hello i’m curious about the age requirements. I’m 50 and in excellent shape. I have worked construction and other labor jobs most of my life. In your opinion will they hire men in their 50′s for entry level, roughneck or roustabouts ??

      • Mark says:

        Brad, I would say yes without hesitation. I do not have direct experience within this industry. However, I have read and seen interviews with people that are much older…50+ and they have been hired with no personal background in this field. So I would say a definate yes.

        Wish you well, Mark

        • brad says:

          Thanks Mark for your reply. I have another question. Is spring the best time to get hired? I know the weather is tough so maybe more guys drop off when closer to winter. Do you have any input on that?